For stores

Maximize the effectiveness of your store or network by getting accurate data on visitor volume and behavior. Reduce costs for staffing. Make effective decisions about changes needed.

  • Accurate counting of visitors
  • Анализ перемещений и теплых/холодных зон
  • Tracking queues at cash registers

Options of Yonder for a store

Accurate counting of visitors Accurate counting of visitors
Accurate counting of visitors

Every visitor is of value. Yonder with 100% accuracy, will take into account all passersby, who are delayed at the windows or enter the store.

  • Accurate counting of passing traffic and window shoppers
  • Точный подсчет входа/выхода посетителей
Analysis of movements in hot and cold zones Analysis of movements in hot and cold zones
Analysis of movement in hot and cold zones

Each square meter should work. Make decisions changes needed on the basis of real data. Yonder will chart visitor movement, will identify hot zones and will identify ineffective space.

  • Increase profits for, and account for the effective use of hot areas
  • Reduce losses by identifying non-working square meters
Tracking queues at cash registers Tracking queues
Tracking queues at cash registers

Yonder определяет скопления людей у касс и сигнализирует менеджеру магазина о необходимости вывода дополнительных кассиров. Накопленная аналитика, позволяет планировать загрузку персонала более гибко..

  • Автоматические уведомления об очереди.Камера возле кассы сигнализирует администратору магазина об увеличении очереди.
  • Более гибкий подход к планированию графика работы персонала. Данные с видео формируются в отчеты, позволяя грамотно распределять ресурсы.

Helping different departments make decisions, Yonder increases the efficiency of the business as a whole.

Estimation of the influence of advertising activity on the number of visitors to the outlet. More flexible management of marketing within the store.

Analysis of hot and cold zones in stores More efficient sales due to shelf placement to partners.

Accurate analysis of the load on personnel. Possibility of more competent scheduling of the staff working hours for their location in the trading hall.

Accurate assessment of the effectiveness of the layout of the store. Better use of hot zones for promotion.

Аналитика об эффективности полок и квадратных метров в торговом зале. Более взвешенное решение о покупке площадей.

Assess the effectiveness of planning and the need for optimization. Convenient hypothesis testing in real-time mode.

Getting the most accurate analytics for the store and online. Broad opportunities for creating reports for weighted solutions.

Getting reliable information about running KPI, data on flows store, analytics on conversions online. The possibility for more effective strategic planning.

Receive real-time data about visitor volume and effectiveness of outlets. Making more informed decisions about changes needed.

How Yonder works

Yonder; this solution relies on cloud-based data analysis technology with video cameras that provide detailed information about visitors to your store or shopping center, generated in convenient visual reports.


In a store or mall, video cameras and computers are installed to convert video to digital data.


Digital data is sent to cloud storage for processing and reporting.


Detailed visual reports allow you to quickly draw conclusions and make decisions.

Visual reports

For weighted solutions


reports are generated automatically without the participation of your developers

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What does Yonder involve

Starter kit with 4 sensors

Additional sensor

+ 50€
Starter kit with 4 sensors

Additional sensor

+ 50€